Since our inception in 1981, Sarto di Moda has strived to push the boundaries of bespoke tailoring in terms of fabric selection, fashion, manufacturing process, and customer service. These tenets of tailoring were initially outline by the founder, master tailor TJ, and these traditions have been upheld and pushed forward by his three sons, Prem, Vic, and Suk. It is this passing from one generation to the next that has allowed Sarto di Moda to fuse the fundamentals of classic tailoring, with modern fashions and techniques.

Our main objective is one that remains steadfast, and that is to be the bespoke tailor of choice for those who wish to wear suits and shirts tailored to the highest possible standards.

We are also proud to be one of the few tailors in Bangkok to have our own dedicated factory that manufactures not only our own garments, but also items from other tailors in the city. Sarto di Moda is also trusted internationally, with a number of international outlets trusting us to provide them with pre-made suits for their own outlets.