Single Breasted

When it comes to simplicity, it is very hard to beat a single-breasted suit crafted from the best quality fabrics. Sarto di Moda has a wide range of materials matched with a mix of classic and modern cuts that are sure to satisfy your desire for a suit that exudes style. All our suits are made with precision, care, and the signature Sarto di Moda flair.

Double Breasted

If you are looking to make a proper statement, then why not consider this classic style that has been regaining popularity in recent years. A double-breasted suit can provide comfort with a fuller fit, but those with a slimmer frame can also benefit by having a defined waist and a shorter jacket. This is assuredly a great option for those that desire a contemporary image.

Three Piece

If you are aspiring to achieve a formal image, then the three-piece suit could be the ideal option. With the simple addition of a waistcoat, you can transform a smart suit into a sophisticated and stylish item of clothing that garners instant respect. Also, a waistcoat offers a great deal of versatility, as they work without a jacket, and can even be worn in a more casual setting along with some smart jeans or slacks.